November 2015

Fitness Tips For Travelling

Whether you’re on a vacation or on a business trip, it can often be hard to find the time to exercise when you’re away from home and your daily routine. Yet with the wide range of transportable fitness equipment available on the market and with the help of a little improvisation, you can now transform virtually any space into a gym. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the equipment you’re accustomed to, but you can still get a pretty great workout in no matter where you are by using what you do have at your disposal. So the next time you’re away from home, don’t let the excuse of a lack of a proper gym stop you from squeezing in a workout. At the end of the day when it comes to health, consistency is key. Here are five tips to help you exercise while you’re on the road.

The 5 Factors Of Fitness

Everyone has a different idea of what it means to be fit and yet scientifically there are five factors that come into play when determining how fit you really are. So whether you think a slender frame, muscles, a perfect hourglass figure or a number of other body types are fit, when it comes down to it, physical appearance doesn’t necessarily dictate how fit a person is. Despite what you may look like externally, here are the 5 factors that you need to take into consideration on your path to becoming fit. Ideally a well-rounded, effective fitness program should target and improve all of these areas.

5 Common Fitness Myths Debunked

Anyone with access to the Internet or a magazine stand today can relate to the frustration of being exposed to an overwhelming amount of information. We have access to more facts, figures, and opinions than ever before, and yet somehow it often leads to even greater confusion. Between separating fact from fiction and fact from fad, it can be difficult to determine what’s the truth when it comes to wading through health and fitness information. In order, to help clear up some of the misconceptions floating around, we are debunking five of the most common fitness myths.

The Four Ways That Clothing Affects Your Workout

Can your clothing choices really affect your workout? The definitive answer is yes! Over the years, there have been a number of studies conducted to support the claim that there is a correlation between fashion and fitness. The right outfit can not only make you look great and feel comfortable, but it can also affect your mindset- motivating you to work out in the first place. Here are the four ways that the clothing you wear affects your workout:

Getting The Most Benefit Out Of Your Meals

Making an effort to eat healthy is a huge step in the right direction. However, without the proper knowledge to support it, you may not be getting the maximum benefit from your new food choices. What do I mean by that? Simply put, there are a number of ways to increase the nutrient absorption from the foods that you consume. If you’re going to be devoting yourself to a healthier lifestyle you may as well go all the way to see the best results because that’s what you deserve!

Here are four simple tips to guide you on your path to a healthier you:

6 Motivating Reasons To Work Out Today (Besides Weight loss)

Health and wellness isn’t just about losing weight; it’s about an overall lifestyle change. Yet, often individuals lose sight of this when their only goal is to drop the excess pounds. The truth is if you want real results, you need to start focusing on the benefits of exercise that will motivate you for reasons other than weight loss. By focusing on the overall benefits of exercise you will be better able to facilitate a lifestyle change and long-term results.

Here are six additional benefits of regular exercise that you can focus on to motivate you:

Post Workout Tips For A Speedy Recovery

You have a killer workout that leaves you motivated and wanting more, when suddenly you wake up the next day feeling like your body was hit by a truck- the inevitable post workout muscle pain has kicked in.

As you limp around the next couple of days, you cringe at the slightest thought of physical activity. Your body needs days to heal and you can’t help but wonder how you can possibly have a consistent routine if this is the price you’ll have to pay every time?

The pain that sets in after a tough workout can often be discouraging but fortunately, there are ways to combat it and reduce your body’s recovery time. With a proper post-workout plan you can set yourself up for a speedy recovery and be back in the gym in no time.

Here are the eight most effective ways to optimize and decrease your recovery time:

Get Fit For…Winter?

Setting fitness goals and being motivated to get in shape for the spring and summer months is a no-brainer, right? It happens every year – the snow finally starts to melt and that’s when you realize that you’ve been slacking on your routine, making too many late night visits to Ronald and the Colonel, and now you’re up 15 lbs and back to the same starting point you face every spring. Who doesn’t want to be bikini/shorts/tank top ready when the nice weather comes around again after a long cold winter?

It doesn’t have to be that way! Imagine yourself in April of next year, on that first random day that hits 20 degrees, and instead of having to scramble to shed the extra pounds you’ve packed on since the fall, what if you were ready for it? (If you’re Canadian, you know what I’m talking about – 20 degrees in April might as well be 35 because you know the patios will be rammed and at least a handful of people will break out the shorts and sandals!) Well, the time to plan and prepare for next spring is NOW! Winter shouldn’t signify that it’s time to take a break from fitness, it should be just the opposite. Here’s why:

BOB vs. Bag

Traditional boxing gyms are sure to evoke images of sweaty guys punching on 300-lb punching bags hanging from the ceiling, or gloved hands slamming away at a speed bag in the corner. Well Big Hit Studios isn’t your typical boxing gym, so welcome to the next level.

How Big Hit Came To Be

With almost 25 years combined experience in the fitness industry, we’ve certainly gotten to know what works and what people enjoy most. One thing we noticed was the people really liked hitting things – pads, a bag, us, it didn’t matter, as long as there was something to pound on,...