6 Ways to Stay Motivated About Your Exercise Routine

Stay Motivated about your Exercise Routine

6 Ways to Stay Motivated About Your Exercise Routine

When it comes to exercise, that’s up to personal preference. However, if you plan on staying fit and healthy all year round, then a high-level of motivation is needed.  The problem is that at times the most dedicated fitness maniacs can become bored with their routine. In such cases of demotivation, even the best fitness classes might fail to be of any help. This can happen to anyone, whether you’re into cardio, are an ardent weight-lifter, or someone who enjoys sports and martial arts inspired high-intensity programs.

Here are a few tips to help you break out of your mental plateau and stay motivated to work harder.

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1.    Write Down Your Specific Goals

If you want your goals to materialize, then put your plans on paper first. Write down every little detail, like what you hope to accomplish and by when. You need to ensure that these goals are realistic, however. Do some research as you’re writing them down as to how feasible they are and make any necessary adjustments.

The purpose of this particular exercise is to figure out tangible ways to reach your goals, and then help you stay focused on the plans that you yourself made.  You can measure the improvements after every week, be it better sleeping, having more energy or enhanced muscle definition. This exercise can also give you a practical idea as to how many workouts you need to reach the goals, which will help you push through the times you lack motivation.

2.    Share Your Goals with Others

Although what you hope to achieve is entirely up to you that doesn’t mean you have to focus on them in isolation. Telling others about your fitness goals will hold you accountable. Chances are, the more you tell others, the better you will stay committed to pursuing your goals. When you share your plans and seek help from others to check up on you, your sense of accountability increases.  Create a Facebook group or write a blog post to share with an online audience how you are doing with your fitness plan.

3.    Reorganize Your Schedule

Writing down your plan of action and telling everyone about it is fine, but things don’t always remain calm as the happenings of everyday life can affect your workout routine as well. For example, a promotion or long office hours are the most common reasons why Canadians miss workouts.

The best way to avoid getting caught up by unexpected events is to include alternatives into your workout plans. If you foresee a late work meeting, do your routine in the morning. If you have limited time, find a program that’s more intense but requires fewer days at the gym/less time.

4.    Try Different Methods of Training

A big key to staying motivated is to challenge yourself. Constantly introducing new and exciting things into your exercise regime is a great way to prevent boredom.

Don’t just rely on one training method. For example, if you are a fan of cardio training, then implement weight-training into your workouts for a couple of months. Or if you are into relaxing yoga classes, then switch it with a high-intensity interval training. Doing such switch ups will prevent hitting a plateau.

5.    Try Group Fitness Sessions

One-on-one workout sessions can be tough if you’re the sort of person that needs outside motivation. If this is the case, why not give group fitness classes a try? This fun alternative is much more than just a combination of loud music and superfast movements. Other than the opportunity to be social, and the psychological support from like-minded people with similar goals, there are also major health benefits going this route as well. The instructor guides you through various activities, like high-intensity aerobics, boot camps, and kickboxing-inspired exercises to challenge and change your body.

Group sessions are very effective at boosting the intensity of the participants as having like-minded people al working towards the same goal is incredibly motivating.

6.    Hire a Trainer

Whether you are a certified gym junkie or new to working out, look into getting a professional trainer. He/she can properly assess your abilities and goals, and design a program accordingly, implement modifications, and keep you progressing towards your goals.

Along with these tips, joining a fun fitness class in your area can be a great motivation booster too. But life doesn’t always go according to our plans, and you should be mentally prepared for unexpected events to occur. Falling sick, or some other setback is bound to happen sometimes.  The key is to keep chasing your dreams like always without letting the setbacks affect your long-term goal.

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