9 Kick-Ass Big Hit Members To Follow On Instagram

9 Kick-Ass Big Hit Members To Follow On Instagram

As Big Hit continues to expand across the city beyond Toronto with locations in Etobicoke and Oakville (more to come) our list of kick-ass members continues to grow with it! Whenever we need some extra motivation, we just take one look at our members Instagram accounts and it gives us that push we need to get right back into the studio. Here are eight kick-ass Big Hit members you need to start following today!


“YOU vs. YOU| sweat + sore muscles thanks to @bighitstudios


“Early morning Powerbox beatings with my buddy BOB! Hammer fists and jump knees were flying. We also worked our elbows!! Good Friday Morning!! @bighitstudios great way to kickstart our long weekend BOB style!!”


“Sweat or regret!


“Cannot put into words how happy I am to be back at my second home, @bighitstudios, I let these past few busy weeks overwhelm me to the point where I got run down, lost my voice and completely saw my workout routine fall to the waste side. The silver lining is that I’ve try realized how vitally important balance and staying active is. Here’s to remembering my priorities and being back to beating up BOB!


“A$$ kicked and we loved it!” For the remainder of 2017, we’re doing a #healthyishot series- in which we’re doing collabs with local businesses which offer different benefits (Pilates, skills, meditation, and strength)

“Kickboxing and Strength: First up is @bighitstudios in our neighborhood and they are a dream to work with! My man @uzo_99 is the perfect balance of drill (get it girl) and support (technique and posture). They have a series of classes with all different focuses and benefits BUT all great for beginners or veterans of the sport…If you are looking to SWEAT and get out your frustrations head to @bighitstudios- you will love it!”


“Mid-kick.. @bighitsudios is low key teaching me to be a ninja!


“Not pictured: when I accidentally kicked Gidon in the face. Oops.”


“Monday Morning Sweat @bighitstudios BOB!


“Had my first boxing class ever with @laurenharding. @bighitstudios thanks for the ass kicking Usman.

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