How to Boxercise Your Way to Weight-Loss

How to Boxercise Your Way to Weight-Loss

Boxercise Classes to Boost Your Physical Strength

Haven’t we all failed to stay true to our New Year’s fitness resolutions (past or present) at one point or another? The solution is to keep things fresh and interesting with new activities. Any type of physical activity can help you burn calories; but running several times a week, outdoors or on a treadmill, can get boring very quickly. If you are tired of your usual monotonous fitness routine, then why not give boxercise classes a chance? It’s a fun way to tone up your muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness. This blog post is intended to answer certain questions about boxercise classes that you may have.

Beginner’s Guide to Boxercise

Boxercise is basically a type of exercise class that is based on similar training methods that boxers perform to stay fit. It’s a perfect way to get an overall workout for your body. There are many varieties of boxercise formats each involving activities like shadow-boxing, skipping, pad-hitting, punchbag-kicking, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups. Unlike tennis or golf, boxing is a sport that requires an equal amount of hand-eye coordination on both the left and right side of your body. Joining a boxercise class will fix any postural misalignment in your body and improve both sides equally. Often trainers report of people tending to over-train, which implies that boxercising can be addictive. If you can attend the classes just three to four times a week, you will see a vast difference in your fitness level within the span of a few months.

Calories Burnt: Running vs Boxing

Running and boxing, both helps in burning calories at a quick rate when you are trying to lose some extra pounds. The rate at which your body burns calories depends on various factors like your initial body weight and the amount of time you spend on various activities.

According to Harvard Health Publications, a person weighing around 185 pounds will be able to burn 400 calories from a 30-minute run at the speed of 5.2 mph. That same person will burn about 444 calories in 30 minutes from jumping rope alone, another 400 calories from sparring and about 355 calories from the vigorous callisthenics performed in a standard boxercise class.

Boxing can rapidly increase your stamina as it is 70%-80% anaerobic and 20-30% aerobic, according to the research done by the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. Your heart and lungs will benefit tremendously from such vigorous training.

If your primary goal is to just lose weight, then running may be a good option for you. Even though it promotes better cardiovascular health and strengthens your muscle fibres and bones, running has big a drawback. The impact on your lower-body joints is tremendous. On the other hand, a typical boxercise session, aimed at weight loss, will involve a lot of elements, that not only will help you burn calories faster, but test your fundamentals too and without shocking your joints in the process.

Need More Reasons to Join a Boxercise Class?

  1. Boxing is a great cardiovascular activity, striking a perfect balance between cardio and resistance training. And that too without a single treadmill in sight! If you want to enjoy a session of steady cardio with high-intensity blasts, then boxing is the answer.
  2. When you are punching a bag or a set of pads, you need a huge amount of strength in your upper body. Combine this with a subsequent amount of exercises like squats, lunges and abdominal workouts, and you get a full body workout done. Boxercise combines some serious strength training with a highly calorie-burning cardio session to help improve your overall body composition.
  3. As mentioned earlier, boxing training immensely enhances your hand-eye coordination. Attending boxercise classes regularly will help you to hit those black dots more accurately. It has a great positive impact on your motor skills, response time, and agility. Stick to performing the movements in perfect form and you will eventually emerge a winner.
  4. Exercise, be it of any type, helps release endorphins in your body. Increased endorphin level in your body will enhance your mood and energy level. Dealing with stress is a real problem in modern life and boxing can be your one-stop solution to fight it. Using boxercise as your emotional and physical outlet can help with depression and anxiety. You will be coming out of the gym feeling refreshed.
  5. Boxercise is suitable for people of all sizes, shapes, and gender. Boxing training is great for strengthening and conditioning your body and is useful for everyone. Even if you are not naturally fit, or never been into fitness, you can still gradually work your way up to a good amount of fitness within a few months. Even older people and those who are suffering from joint problems can take up lessons, as this is a conditioning program.
  6. Boxing training requires you to maintain a high level of discipline, which you can apply in other aspects of your life. Getting into a fitness habit program will dramatically change your eating and drinking habits too. This type of training energizes your boy and mind and helps you regain your self-belief and control over your life. Young people who are suffering from low self-esteem and are a victim of bullying, will learn self-respect and gain confidence from the sessions.
  7. Last but not least, boxing boosts your self-esteem. You will learn to generate more power in your body and improve your reflexes with time and practice. As you get better at defending yourself and dodging attacks, you will see the change in your confidence level. 

Always consult a proper training facility and follow the nutritional plan when you invest in a fitness membership. Don’t forget to take proper rest as well, because your body will need the time to recover. Boxing is a perfect body-conditioning program, and you will notice the transformation in a few months.

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