Interview With New Big Hit Coach Sari Pryor

At Big Hit Kickboxing Studios, we are always looking to add the best of the best to our team so that you receive a diverse and challenging workout every single time. Each coach that joins the studio brings something unique to the table and our latest addition Sari Pryor is no exception. Get to know a little bit about Sari and the inspiring story behind what motivated her to get into kickboxing.

What made you get into boxing?

To be honest, what got me to start taking kickboxing seriously was that one night I was very badly attacked by an ex-boyfriend. I knew that moving forward I had to make a change and it was within a couple of weeks that I stumbled across Big Hit Kickboxing Studios. I decided that I would use kickboxing as therapy and as a way to defend myself should something like that ever happen again. It turned out that kickboxing and Big Hit Studios in particular completely changed my life in ways that are indescribable and unimaginable. Kickboxing and teaching the sport to others became not only a serious passion but also a lifestyle. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now had I not met Gidon or any of the other coaches who taught me so much about the sport and what it means to be a real athlete.

In a real fight, which move do you believe would be the most effective?

I’ve been thinking about this one for a couple of days, and I think that in a real fight, I would probably throw an elbow first and then a hard knee to the stomach! Even a little force behind either one of those moves is guaranteed to create a massive amount of power behind your strike.

What stretches do you find most effective post-boxing?

Hip stretches and shoulder stretches! I have extremely tight hips and very tense shoulders – so it’s crucial for me to stretch these out well before going on my way.

What’s your go-to workout music?

Nicki Minaj – Dance music – rap music – anything that has the potential to make me feel like a bad-ass! I like to zone out with the music and focus solely on my motivation, power, technique, and how I’m feeling during my practice.

Words to live by:

We all have our struggles, our stories, our experiences and our reasons why we do what we do – it’s important that even on the days when we feel like we “just can’t,” we remember that we actually can. Whether you work hard because of your own motivations or you find a friend who can encourage you to continue on your health and fitness journey, it is important never to lose faith in yourself or in the process. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have bad days, and it doesn’t mean that we won’t make mistakes but it does mean that we are never allowed to give up – not if we want to be taken seriously, not if we want to take ourselves seriously.  It will never be easy – not for any of us, but I will always remember “all great changes are preceded by chaos.”

Follow Sari on Instagram: @magnetic.adversari

K. T. Edwards

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