5 Canadian Fitness Apparel Companies We’re Loving Right Now

5 Canadian Fitness Apparel Companies We’re Loving Right Now

Here at Big Hit Studios we’re all about supporting homegrown talent and brands. And when it comes to fitness apparel, it’s no different. When in search for the perfect pair of workout pants, tops, sports bras etc, we frequently turn to Canadian brands and local favourites. With the apparel market being oversaturated though, it can be difficult to determine where to shop. If you need a helping hand in finding your next kickboxing outfit, look no further than the five Canadian fitness apparel companies we’re loving right now!


Lolë is a woman’s activewear brand founded in 2002 in Montreal that stands for ‘Live Out Loud Everyday.’ Since its humble beginnings, the brand has grown to be sold in over 1700 retail stores today and provides a range of designs inspired by well-being at a competitive price point. The brand predominately focuses on clothing for yoga, however, you can also find running gear, training gear, swimsuits and a ton of accessories. If you’re looking to mix up your fitness wardrobe then Lolë may just be the brand you’ve been searching for. Our very own trainers Karina and Gidon are also ambassadors for the this versatile and stylish brand.


Michi is a super trendy fitness brand that was founded by Canadian Michelle Watson in New York in 2010. Michi now operates in Toronto after Watson decided to bring the brand back onto Canadian soil, with all of the manufacturing taking place in Canada. Michi offers high-end sportswear apparel that supports optimal performance during a workout. Now you can be comfortable and look stylish when you exercise. From tights with mesh interests to multi-strap sports bras, we can’t get enough of this brand.


With many Canadian fitness apparel companies focusing on the female market, it can be difficult for men to shop without turning to the international brands. However, Rise offers the best of both worlds as it is a Canadian company that provides both men and women with functional and fashionable fitness apparel. Founded in 2014, the company is quickly becoming one of the most popular online retailers in North America. Rise offers a range of fitness gear from tops, pants to lifting gear and accessories.


A Toronto-based company founded in 2009, Titika Active Couture prides itself on offering activewear that can also be effortlessly worn as streetwear. The clothing is made from carefully selected, high quality fabrics that are just as versatile as the women wearing them. Supporting local workout apparel has never been easier with stylish brands like Titika on the market!


Karma Athletics is a Vancouver-based company founded in 2002 that offers yoga, running and fitness gear. In addition to stylish and functional apparel, the company is also spreading a positive message with the ‘Share Your Karma’ campaign. During the campaign, the company gives its customers a loonie to spread good karma by using it to top up someone’s parking, contribute towards their morning coffee etc. Karma offers a range of style-driven, socially conscious and technical active gear.

What are your favourite local and Canadian fitness apparel designers? Tell us in the comments below.

K.T. Edwards