5 Reasons To Wear Hand Wraps During Boxing

5 Reasons To Wear Hand Wraps During Boxing

For anyone who has ever taken a boxing class with wraps on and then without, you know that there is a significant difference in the way you feel during your workout. Not only do the wraps provide extra support for your wrists and hands, but they also help you to punch harder. So, in essence, wraps protect your wrists while allowing you to have an even more intense workout. If you haven’t tried wearing wraps during a boxing workout yet, talk to reception about picking up a pair today. Here are just five reasons why you should consider wearing wraps during boxing.

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Wrist Support

Hand wraps secure the wrists in place thereby offering more support for them during a boxing session. The wraps are tightly bound around the wrists, palms, and fingers to ensure that you also have more stability during your workout, whether you are punching BOB or doing floor exercises. Planks, pushups, and exercises involving resting on one arm become a whole lot easier with wraps due to the extra wrist support.

Better Grip

When putting hand wraps on, you take the wrap in between the fingers and then around them, which offers better grip during boxing. In addition to that, wearing wraps under your gloves lead to the gloves fitting better, which results in a stronger and more efficient workout.

Reduced Inflammation

If you are practicing boxing consistently, it can lead to some wear and tear on your wrists and hands if you are not adequately protecting them. While wearing gloves helps with cushioning your punches and offering some wrist support, it’s doubly as beneficial when you wear wraps underneath. Wraps reduce the amount of inflammation your joints may experience after a strenuous boxing workout by protecting your hands and wrists and minimizing the impact of the workout.

More Precise Punches

Due to the securing nature of hand wraps, it allows you to punch with more strength and precision. Your punches also become a lot more directed at the object and stronger when your gloves fit snuggly, which is exactly what occurs when you wear wraps under them.

Easier to Clean Gloves

Wearing wraps under your gloves can reduce and even eliminate odor in the gloves. When you sweat directly into the gloves, they are much more likely to smell post-workout. It can also be difficult to clean the gloves once they do smell. By wearing wraps under the gloves, they absorb the sweat from your hands before it has a chance to reach the gloves. Then to clean the wraps, you just have to toss them into the washing machine and then air dry them, so it is a lot easier than cleaning gloves.

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