5 Stretches To Relieve Tight Shoulders

5 Stretches To Relieve Tight Shoulders

While consistent boxing makes you stronger and more flexible, it is essential to integrate a proper stretching routine post-workout to avoid developing tightness in certain parts of your body. One of the areas that are frequently affected by this type of post-workout tightness is our shoulders. Not only can our shoulders become tighter after a workout but the strain that we put on them in day-to-day life (slouching etc.) also doesn’t help. Fortunately, one of the best ways to combat this tightness is with a consistent stretching routine. When trying to target the shoulders during a stretch it is important to remember that the areas surrounding the shoulders (scapula, humerus, clavicle, thoracic region of your spine, & rib cage) also play a big part in the strength and mobility of them. To relieve the tightness in your shoulders try incorporating these five stretches into your workout routine. 

Standing Wall Stretch 

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Stand in front of a wall or another big, flat object (BOB) and bend toward it, hinging at the hips, until you can comfortably place both hands on it. Your body should be at a ninety-degree angle and your shoulder blades should be set back and relaxed away from your neck. Hold  this position for thirty-seconds, take a break and repeat once more. 

Neck Rolls

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Start with your head in a neutral position facing forward. Then slowly tilt the head to the right then move your chin in a circular motion down toward your chest and then move through to the left. Reverse this ‘U’ shape movement, starting from the left this time and moving your chin down to the right. Repeat this five times each in both directions. 

Cow-Face Pose

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Sit with your legs crossed and reach your right arm up, then bend at the elbow and release your hand behind your back. Bend your left arm behind your back and reach for your right fingertips. The back of your left hand should be resting (or close-to resting) on your right shoulder blade. Hold for ten seconds, then repeat on the other side. 

Shoulder Rolls

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Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and your shoulders relaxed away from your head. Lift your shoulders up toward your head then roll them back down to a neutral position. Repeat this motion twelve times, then roll your shoulders forward twelve times. 

Standing Wall Chest Stretch 

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Stand in a doorway (or next to BOB) and place your right forearm along the doorframe in a vertical position. Hold your elbow and shoulder at a ninety-degree flexion. Step forward with your left foot. Hold and if you can, gently step into your left foot little deeper to increase the stretch. Hold for thirty-seconds. 


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