5 Tips To Naturally Regulate Your Thyroid

5 Tips To Naturally Regulate Your Thyroid

The thyroid gland is located at the base of your neck and releases hormones that regulate bodily functions like your metabolism, breathing and heart rate to name a few. While the gland itself is small, it has a powerful impact on your overall health, so it is important to keep the thyroid balanced. If an individual’s thyroid becomes underactive (hypothyroidism) they can often begin to experience symptoms like weight gain, depression, constipation, tiredness and muscle aches and cramps. If an individual’s thyroid becomes overactive, they can often begin to experience symptoms like anxiety, irritability, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, a fast heart rate and muscle twitches. If you suspect that you might have an unbalanced thyroid, you can request a test at your doctor’s office. While your doctor can help you with regulating your thyroid, there are also some things you can try at home. Here are 5 tips to naturally regulate your thyroid.

Always remember to consult with a healthcare provider.

Avoid Drinking Tap Water

The fluoride and chlorine that often frequents our water systems can wreak havoc on your thyroid. Both chemicals may interfere with the thyroids ability to utilize iodine, which is essential for producing hormones. Fortunately, you can filter these chemicals from your water by investing in a carbon block filter. Water filters range in price range so check with your local health food store for the best option for you.

Eat Sea Vegetables

A common cause of thyroid issues is a lack of iodine to support thyroid function. Sea vegetables are an excellent natural source of iodine that can be incorporated into the diet two times a week. Try eating more seaweed, kelp, kombu, nori etc. Please check with a healthcare provider if your thyroid issue stems from a lack of iodine before incorporating more sea vegetables in your diet.

Cook Your Kale

Despite the array of health benefits associated with consuming kale, there can be some negative side effects too depending on the person. In particular, raw kale and other cruciferous vegetables contain a compound called goitrogens, which can disrupt thyroid function. If you are going to be consuming raw cruciferous veggies like kale, brussels sprouts and broccoli to name a few, it is best to cook them before consumption.

Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga as a part of your weekly exercise routine can be beneficial in keeping your thyroid balanced and healthy. Certain yoga postures support and stimulate the thyroid gland like the shoulder stand. The boat pose, bridge pose, and the king pigeon pose are also great for stimulating the thyroid.

Incorporate Almonds Into Your Diet

Almonds contain many nutrients essential to regulating your thyroid. Each serving of almonds (about 23 almonds) is a great source of iron, selenium, zinc and B vitamins, which help with thyroid function. Try eating a handful a day or every other day.


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