5 Tips To Relieve Dry Skin In The Winter

5 Tips To Relieve Dry Skin In The Winter

As the winter weather has set in replacing those chilly but bearable fall nights, our skin begins to feel the effects almost instantly. The cold, dry air has a way of sucking the moisture out of our skin, resulting in dry and often cracked skin that can interfere with your everyday life. From making your whole body itch to making your lips so cracked that you can’t help but lick them every two seconds in hopes of restoring moisture, the winter air takes its toll on a lot of us. Fortunately, though there are things that you can do to combat the harsh and drying winter air. Follow these five tips this winter to retain the moisture in your skin and keep that glow. 

Invest in a humidifier 

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While the outdoor air can be harsh on your skin, the heating inside of your home may also be wrecking havoc. One of the best ways to counter the drying effects of your heating system is to purchase a humidifier for your home. The humidifier will restore moisture to the air and thus be beneficial for your dry skin. Set the humidifier to 60% to replenish the moisture to your skin. 

Take quick warm showers 

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We all crave a long, hot shower or bath after a cold winter day but this could be making your dry skin worse. Keeping your skin in hot water for too long actually strips the top layer of your skin of natural oils thus drying out your skin. For the least drying effects on your skin, stick to having 5-10 minute showers or baths in warm water. 

Take care of your skin after a shower

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Once you have hopped out of the shower, it is essential that you just pat your skin dry gently instead of rubbing it. Then once you are dry, apply a hydrating moisturizer to your body. It is important to use a fair amount of moisturizer as it acts as an additional layer that can contain the moisture in your skin. Look out for natural oil-based moisturizers with things like avocado or coconut oil in it or a moisturizer with shea butter for the most hydrating effects. 

Hydrate internally 

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One of the keys to staying hydrated on the outside is to always be well-hydrated on the inside. Be sure to drink the recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day in addition to consuming herbal teas and fruit and veggies. Try incorporating more watermelon, raspberries, cucumbers, and celery into your diet as they are some of the ones with the highest water content. Also, drink caffeine and alcohol in moderation as they both have drying effects on the skin. 

Steer clear of products with alcohol and fragrances

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Skincare products that contain alcohol and perfumes can have a very drying effect on your skin. Whether you are using these products as a moisturizer, shower gel, or using them in the bath, it’s essential to cut them out during the winter months. Instead of using bubble bath, trying using a body oil and replace your moisturizer and shower gel with something natural, organic and paraben free.




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