5 Tips To Treat Body Acne

5 Tips To Treat Body Acne

Due to oil-secreting glands in your body, acne can appear just as commonly on your body as it can on your face. Whether you were working out and have an outbreak, or simply experience body acne from unknown triggers there are things you can do to prevent and combat it. Although the main causes of body acne are usually hormonal and genetic triggers outside of your control, there are also certain medications, products, and habits that can cause it. Here are five tips to banish body acne and get the clear skin you’ve been wanting.

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has antibacterial properties which can be effective in treating acne and reducing inflammation and redness associated with it. It also acts as a moisturizer, so you can replace your usual body lotion with it to help with combatting body acne. You can also use it as a spot treatment, instead of putting it all over your body. Some people experience sensitivities to aloe vera so test a small amount on the inside of your arm before putting it on your whole body.

Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil in gel or oil form can be helpful in reducing acne as it contains acne-fighting properties. Apply tea tree oil directly to the acne onto clean dry skin. Spot test tee trea oil on your inner arm first to ensure that you do not have a sensitivity to it which, may cause redness and irritation.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Wearing tight clothing and sweating underneath it can be a major culprit of body acne. So if you are prone to body acne in certain areas it may be a good idea to avoid wearing tight clothes around those areas. Tight clothing can trap sweat and oil against the skin, which can lead to a flare up. If you are prone to back acne wear a loose-fitting shirt when you exercise.

Apply A Topical Retinoid

Over-the-counter or a prescription topical retinoid can help prevent acne outbreaks by keeping the pores open. Clogged pores are often the leading cause of body acne, so by prevetning them form being clogged you are preventing outbreaks. Retinoid creams are derived from Vitamin A and should be applied directly on the acne. Refer to the instructions when using any prescription medications.

Use A Body Wash With Fruit Acid

Select a body wash or cleanser that contains a fruit acid as it helps to prevent and reduce body acne. Look for a cleanser with citric acid, glycolic, or malic to name a few. It is also advisable to not wash your skin more than twice a day to help with preventing acne.


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