Get Motivated With Big Hit Trainer Usman

Get Motivated With Big Hit Trainer Usman

One of the quickest ways to get motivated for a Big Hit class is to spend a moment with any one of our trainers. Between their drive, high-energy and dedication to the art of kickboxing, they will get you pumped and ready to take on BOB in no time. One of our newest coaches, Usman is no exception and just one session with him will inspire you to come back for more and more. Get to know Usman and what drives him in the q & a below!

What made you get into boxing?

I got into boxing for self-defense purposes and it quickly turned into a passion for the art itself, which very quickly turned into amateur fighting.

What’s your favorite boxing combo and why?

My favorite technique would be to work different angles with footwork and to be evasive. It throws off my opponent and makes me a harder target to hit!

In a real fight, which move do you believe would be the most effective in defending oneself?

I’m a firm believer that keeping your hands up at all times to protect sensitive “knockout spots” is the most effective way in protecting yourself at all times.

What tips can you give someone for getting motivated to workout? What do you do to motivate yourself?

The best tip would be to have patience; as soon as you see the smallest result, it becomes an addiction and you’ll want to keep proceeding to become better and better. But it all takes patience. My motivation comes through competitive fighting. If I don’t stay in shape, I will get myself killed!!!

What’s your favorite song/music to workout to?

Hip-hop and rap are my favorite genres to listen to while training.

K. T. Edwards

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