Kick-Ass Advice From Big Hit’s Newest Coach Patrick

Kick-Ass Advice From Big Hit’s Newest Coach Patrick

Patrick is one of the latest addition’s to the Big Hit team and he is unstoppable! With years of training behind him and the infectious energy that he brings to each and every training session, his classes are a must! Get to know Patrick a little better and don’t hesitate to ask him questions the next time you take one of his classes.

What made you get into boxing?

When I was 19 or 20 one of my best friends introduced me to the art of eight limbs- Muay Thai. I knew little to nothing about it, but like most people who become passionate about martial arts, once the bug bites you, you stick with it for life.

We only had one sorry little bag to use at school but pretty soon, going to smash it was the only thing I wanted to do when I woke up. Fast forward to 2 years ago when I spent all summer doing manual labor and at some point decided enough is enough and decided to pursue what I was passionate about before it was too late.

I was delusional enough to believe I was ready to go to Thailand and train like the Thai people, but one class with my Ajahn (master) showed me my journey was only just beginning. I joined his academy, dedicated myself to Muay Thai, and haven’t looked back since.

What’s your favorite boxing combo and why?

It’s hard to pick a favorite (Thai) boxing combo or weapon, like asking a parent which kid is the “best”; they all get the job done. Muay Thai is brutal and beautiful, the intersection of power and grace.

While I am partial to seeing a well executed spinning back elbow or jump knee, there is something “beautiful” about a jab-punch, low-kick combo when that heavy kick sinks into the leg with a satisfying “thunk” sound.

In a real fight, which move do you believe would be the most effective in defending oneself?

In a real fight, the most effective move is not to fight. We learn how to fight so that we don’t have to fight. We learn how to fight so that we don’t have to be scared if we have no choice but to fight. Life is not a movie, all manner of awful things can and do happen when someone goes looking for a fight.

Leg kicks are very effective against someone who doesn’t know how to block, push kicks are good for keeping people at distance, knees and elbows are damaging against someone trying to get close and smother you, elbows also prevent breaking the small bones in your hands.

Again, the best defense is to not engage in the fight at all, but when you have no choice do not back down or back up.

What healthy tips do you live by?

The best healthy living tip I can provide is to ask yourself what you want simply. If being healthy and getting in shape is your priority, what you need to do is already determined; you don’t need to decide if you want to eat junk food, you’ve already decided that your training and progress are the higher priority. For instance, when your friends want to go out late and drink you already know your sleep and health are the higher priority.

Beyond that make sure you’re getting lots of fuel and nutrition. Protein, carbs, greens, fish oils. Avoid all wheat, GMOs, processed crap, sugar, and fake sugars found in “diet” products – they are even worse. Drink a ton of (preferably filtered) water all day. Organic coconut oil is great for cooking everything and burns fat.

What’s your favorite song/music to workout to?

It’s hard for me to pick my favorite music, I listen to a lot and tend to listen until I’m sick of it and find something else. I like Spanish reggaeton music especially for classes but don’t understand anything said despite having Spanish blood. I also enjoy dance/house for classes.

For my headphones when training I like some Hip Hop, like 2Pac, Stack Bundles or Max B, as well as Rock like John Frusciante or Three Days Grace when I want to train “angry.” Music helps set the tone and get your mind right.


K. T. Edwards

K. T. Edwards graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Media Production and English. She also studied Creative Writing at Oxford University and contributes to various media outlets. IG: @k.tea.edwards

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