Fitness Tips For Travelling

Fitness Tips For Travelling

Whether you’re on a vacation or on a business trip, it can often be hard to find the time to exercise when you’re away from home and your daily routine. Yet with the wide range of transportable fitness equipment available on the market and with the help of a little improvisation, you can now transform virtually any space into a gym. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the equipment you’re accustomed to, but you can still get a pretty great workout in no matter where you are by using what you do have at your disposal. So the next time you’re away from home, don’t let the excuse of a lack of a proper gym stop you from squeezing in a workout. At the end of the day when it comes to health, consistency is key. Here are five tips to help you exercise while you’re on the road.

Get Outdoors

This may seem like a no-brainer but going or a run or a power-walk outdoors will allow you to get a cardiovascular workout while also seeing the city. Doing cardio when you’re away is the surest way to burn those calories and see more of the place you’re in. There’s no better way to explore a city than on foot.

Use A Phone Application

There are a number of great training applications available on smartphones that can instruct and motivate you while you’re on the road. Most of these apps are designed to cater specifically to your needs, to the point that they can be a pretty handy substitute for your personal trainer. Try downloading the Nike Training App and receive a customized workout that you can do in the comfort of your hotel room.

Pack Your Resistance Band

If you want to continue doing strength training while away from home but have no access to a gym, resistance bands may just be your best friend. Resistance Bands are easy to fit into any luggage and can provide you with an overall body workout if you just know how to use them properly. A quick Google search will show you exactly how you can use a resistance band to tone every part of your body and target the areas you really want.


Yoga can be done in virtually any space the size of a mat and if you don’t have a mat on hand don’t worry; you can always use a towel. Yoga can effectively work every part of your body and even target specific areas. From core exercises, to working your arms and legs, yoga is a great way to get in a stretch but to also use your own body weight as a tool. If you’ve never tried yoga before, downloading a yoga application could also come in very handy. The yoga applications will guide you through a workout from beginner to advanced.

Hire A Mobile Trainer

If you really prefer to workout with a trainer while in your hotel room and while using equipment, a mobile trainer may be the best choice for you. No matter which city you’re in, try doing a quick Google search for “mobile-trainer” and see if there are any mobile-training companies servicing the area you’re in. Mobile trainers are a great way to get the personal one-on-one feel that you get while at home but on the road. They also bring their own equipment and will tailor the workout to you, so this could be well-worth looking into the next time you’re travelling.

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