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5 Benefits of Magnesium

With the influx of health-related information available to us, it can be challenging to figure out what you need to incorporate into your diet. While nothing beats a well-balanced diet and a consistent exercise routine, certain supplements can also help to improve your overall wellbeing. One of these supplements is...

5 Tips To Look Less Tired

With New Years being just around the corner, that means we're all flooded with the end of year work and faced with one holiday party after another. Naturally, this busy schedule often fueled by one too many cocktails can result in us wreaking havoc on our bodies. Not only do...

5 Canadian Fitness Apparel Companies We’re Loving Right Now

Here at Big Hit Studios we’re all about supporting homegrown talent and brands. And when it comes to fitness apparel, it’s no different. When in search for the perfect pair of workout pants, tops, sports bras etc, we frequently turn to Canadian brands and local favourites. With the apparel market being oversaturated though, it can be difficult to determine where to shop. If you need a helping hand in finding your next kickboxing outfit, look no further than the five Canadian fitness apparel companies we’re loving right now!