5 Tips To Lose The Last Ten Pounds

You've made lifestyle changes, adjusted your diet, amped up your exercise routine and you're getting so close to hitting your weight loss goals when you hit a wall. There's just something about those last ten pounds that can be so stubborn that it's quite common to plateau no matter how...

5 Exercises To Strengthen Your Ankles

Whether simply walking or working out, there's no denying that our ankles feel a lot of pressure throughout the day. So one of the most important things you can do is strengthen them and increase their flexibility through targetted exercises. Fortunately, ankle exercises can be easily incorporated into your weekly routine. Try the...

The 5 Benefits Of Isometric Exercises

When you get into an exercise routine, it's common to eventually fall into a consistent pattern of the same old thing. However, once you grow accustomed to a workout that's when it is most important to switch it up. If you want your body to remain challenged and continue to...

6 New Workouts To Beat Exercise Boredom

With New Years Eve a whole two months behind us, it’s normal that your motivation may be starting to dwindle. As you grow accustomed to a routine, the repetition can often become boring resulting in an exercise rut. So if you find yourself stuck and unmotivated, this may be the perfect time to try something new to reinvigorate your routine. Fortunately, there are an array of great workouts that you can try to banish exercise boredom and get you excited to workout once more.  Here are the six new workouts you should try today.

5 New Fitness Gadgets To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Wearable technology and fitness gadgets are projected to be the number one trend among health conscious consumers in 2016 and with all of the great devices on the market it’s no surprise why. From watches that double up as activity trackers to smart bras and smart pants, which offer you improvement tips, there are all sorts of fascinating and helpful gadgets on the market. Yet, where do you start? As with everything else that gains popularity among consumers, the market can quickly become over-saturated leaving you wondering what you should be purchasing. In order to give you a head start, here are 5 new gadgets that you need to know about today, to help with your fitness journey.