5 Common Fitness Myths Debunked

5 Common Fitness Myths Debunked

Anyone with access to the Internet or a magazine stand today can relate to the frustration of being exposed to an overwhelming amount of information. We have access to more facts, figures, and opinions than ever before, and yet somehow it often leads to even greater confusion. Between separating fact from fiction and fact from fad, it can be difficult to determine what’s the truth when it comes to wading through health and fitness information. In order, to help clear up some of the misconceptions floating around, we are debunking five of the most common fitness myths.

Lifting Weights As A Woman Will Bulk You

When it comes to building your muscles as a woman, the formula isn’t as simple as one might think. For starters, testosterone is a an important building block when it comes to bulking up and a woman’s production of it is 20 times less than a man’s. Therefore, biologically it will take more than just simply lifting heavy weights to begin the bulking process. The key to gaining muscle lies in the program itself, which requires a number of elements in order to happen. Once you start lifting heavy for a lot of reps, at a high volume and supplement that with a higher caloric diet and the right nutrients, only then will your muscles have the right conditions to grow.

Cutting Carbohydrates And Fat Is A Long-Term Solution

Although cutting carbohydrates may be a temporary solution, if you want long-term results then you need to learn how to incorporate both fat and carbs into your diet. Both carbohydrates and healthy fats can work to your advantage when you’re trying to lose weight if you utilize them in the correct way. Carbohydrates are a great fuel for your body, especially prior to your work out if you consume unrefined carbs like brown rice, oats and vegetables. Likewise a certain amount of good fats will aid your weight loss if you consume the fats that come from sources like avocado, coconut and extra virgin olive oil, and nuts.

Muscle Turns Into Fat When You Stop Exercising

Muscle and fat are made up of different tissue, which makes this tidbit of misinformation physically impossible. This misconception stems from the fact that if you continue to eat the same amount as you ate while training but then cut back on your training, you’re merely storing the extra calories as fat instead of using them towards muscle gain.

Abdomen Exercises Will Give You A Flat Stomach

The truth is that it takes a lot more than some sit-ups and planks to get the abs that you desire. In order to achieve a flat, toned tummy your nutrition, stress levels, sleep patterns, cardio and strength training workout routines, are all as important as your crunches. Unfortunately no matter how many crunches you do, you won’t see the definition in your abdomen until you strip away the fat from the region. This can only be achieved through the pointers mentioned above.

If You Don’t Sweat, You’re Not Working Hard Enough

Different types of workouts have a different effect on your body so the amount you sweat could be entirely dependent on what the focus of your workout is. For instance, if you are purely working on your strength and lifting heavy, your body may not have a chance to develop a real sweat as you rest between sets. Likewise if you are endurance training you are far more likely to be sweating. So before you worry about how much you’re sweating, be sure to determine whether your training session is designed for endurance or strength.


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