5 Effective Ways To Release Tight Hamstrings

5 Effective Ways To Release Tight Hamstrings

Having tight hamstrings can be an impediment to any workout. Whether you are taking a boxing class, running or doing yoga, tight hamstrings will get in the way. If you want to reach your full potential when you exercise, then it’s time to loosen up those hamstrings and surrounding areas. By engaging in stretches that target the hamstrings, you will begin to perform better and feel better too. Here are five effective ways to release tight hamstrings.

Strengthen Your Core

Your body works as a unit, so an imbalance in one area will affect other areas too. To loosen up your hamstrings, it is vital to have a strong core. Strong core muscles stabilize the pelvis when you walk and run, but if the core is weak, then the hamstrings overcompensate. If your core muscles are not stabilizing the pelvis, then your hamstrings take over, which is when they begin to tighten. Try engaging in core strengthening exercises at least three times a week.

Have A Daily Stretching Routine

Whether you are exercising on any given day or not, it is important to stretch. While you likely stretch after a workout, it’s advisable to stretch when you wake up in the morning and throughout the day. Most people tend to spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day, which tightens the hamstrings. To keep them nice and loose, try doing yoga a few times a week or just go through a stretching routine at home.

Stretch Your Quadriceps

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Having a daily stretching routine that targets your whole body is essential for loose hamstrings. Everything in the body is interconnected, so it’s important to stretch every part of it. In particular, your quadriceps need a good stretch. Your quadriceps are attached to your pelvis and if they tighten it inadvertently affects the hamstrings. As the quadriceps tighten, your pelvis gets pushed forward, which as a result lengthens the hamstrings. Lengthened hamstrings may feel tight, but it’s likely they are just long and weak. Incorporate a quadricep stretch into your daily stretching routine.

Wear Compression Shorts

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Investing in a pair of compression shorts could be effective in releasing your hamstrings. Compression shorts provide your hamstrings with support while increasing blood flow and improving the ‘extensibility of the muscles.” Wearing compression shorts when you exercise may also decrease the likelihood of a hamstring pull or tear.

Get A Massage

Getting a massage at least once a month can be an effective way of loosening your hamstrings. Massages help the area by relaxing tight muscles, improving circulation and flexibility while restoring your joints range of motion. Pay attention the next time you get a massage and try to mimic the technique at home, use a foam roller or ask a loved for help.


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