5 Group Fitness Class Etiquette Rules People Often Break

5 Group Fitness Class Etiquette Rules People Often Break

Group exercise classes bring lots of energy and excitement to traditional boring fitness regimes with elements like high-intensity aerobics, cross training, slam ball workouts, and Muay Thai kickboxing. Along with determination, ensuring you have the right manners inside the studio is equally important when you are participating in a group activity. This way, the studio environment remains healthy and friendly for everyone participating. Here’s a list of rules of etiquette you should follow when you enter a fitness studio.

Group Fitness Studio Etiquette Rules You Should Follow

1.    Be on Time

Instructors design the classes based on the number of people present inside the room. Walking in late is disruptive for the entire class, not to mention you get less time to warm up and cool off, which are two essential parts of any workout.

It’s understandable that sometimes it is hard to find time for fitness during a busy schedule. Some exceptions can be made depending on the type of class it is, like a cardio fusion class or cardio combat class. These workouts are performed with loud music, and you have the choice of entering before the next song begins or joining in during without missing a beat. Being familiar with the instructor and well-acquainted with his/her training style can be helpful in such situations but try not to be more than 15 minutes late.

It’s best to be on time, introduce yourself to the instructor and get acquainted with your fellow students and the environment before the class begins. This is especially true for instructional boxercise classes, and a resistance band or TRX exercises, where the equipment needs to be set up.  Setting up your gear during the middle of other people’s workout is considered rude.

2.    Be Considerate

Always wait for the previous session to complete and for the members to come out before you enter. This is why you need to come early so that you can pick a spot according to your preference. Chances are, that you will find yourself in a crowded spot if you enter late. Finding a comfortable area is necessary before the workout begins and you need to do this very carefully. Politely make a space for yourself by asking your fellow participants to provide some space for you and try not to block someone’s view of the instructor. For those who are new, a smart tip would be to find a spot where you can properly watch the trainer that isn’t the front row. In a fitness class, there’s a lot of sweating so be considerate of everyone and at least wear clean clothes and shoes every time. Another thing to note is to keep the conversation to as little as possible during the class so as to not bother those around you.

3.    Be Respectful

Always remember to be respectful to your instructor. Let him/her lead the class because you are there to learn. If you cannot perform the exact movements or exercises as they showed you, it’s okay. Just try not to deviate too much from the way they demonstrated. This advice is more pertinent to experienced participants. A group fitness session is not the place for you to show off. Not only does it disrupt the class, but it is also disrespectful to your teacher.

4.    Don’t Use Your Cellphone

As helpful as your cellphone may be in organizing your life, it can cause major distractions not just to your own training, but for the instructor as well.  Group fitness classes only last between 30 to 60 minutes, so you can afford to switch your phone off and focus on your performance. But if there is an emergency and you need to pick up the call, then at least keep it on silent mode. In case you receive an important call, ask permission from your trainer before going outside the studio to talk.

5.    Clean up after Yourself

Always remember to bring your own towel. When you are done with your workout, return the equipment to its proper place and wipe the sweat off the bench, mats and machines. Under no circumstances is it polite to leave your towels and tissues lying on the floor or on equipment. Also, do not leave anything behind in the locker because someone else will probably be using it when you leave.

Looking at your phone in the middle of the session, or chatting loudly during a workout are some etiquette don’ts when others are working out around you. Try to be an example for newer members. Always give others the treatment you want for yourself, and keep the studio-environment friendly and encouraging for everyone.

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