5 New Fitness Gadgets To Help You Achieve Your Goals

5 New Fitness Gadgets To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Wearable technology and fitness gadgets are projected to be the number one trend among health conscious consumers in 2016 and with all of the great devices on the market it’s no surprise why. From watches that double up as activity trackers to smart bras and smart pants, which offer you improvement tips, there are all sorts of fascinating and helpful gadgets on the market. Yet, where do you start? As with everything else that gains popularity among consumers, the market can quickly become over-saturated leaving you wondering what you should be purchasing. In order to give you a head start, here are 5 new gadgets that you need to know about today, to help with your fitness journey.


The Misfit Ray sleep and activity tracker is a sleek wristband that can be worn up to six months without having to be recharged. The band is powered by a single battery, which can easily be replaced eliminating the hassle of recharging your wearable technology every time you use it. The smart-band can monitor your sleep duration and quality, track your steps and calories burned, take selfies, control lights and music, and it can even alert you to incoming calls, texts and alarms on your phone. Although there are watches with similar functions on the market, the Misfit Ray stands out due to its sleek design and colors’, which make it double up as a fashion accessory. Learn more about the Misfit Ray here.


This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has revealed some pretty innovative gadgets coming our way soon and the OMbra is one of the standouts. The OMbra is a sports bra with built-in technology that can track your oxygen use, your breathing rhythm, fatigue levels, heart-rate and act as a breathing monitor. The software behind the bra is called OMrun and it also comes with a built-in biometric couch that will study your body over time and provide you with useful tips such as, if you’re slacking or pushing yourself too hard. The sports bra will be available in the spring and you can learn more about it here.


The Withings Scale and Smart Body Analyzer, provides users with a comprehensive look at their weight and body composition. This scale not only calculates your body weight but it also includes your BMI (Body Mass Index) measurement, your blood pressure, heart rate and body fat mass percentage. The scale connects through WIFI to the Withings application and collects your measurements every time you step on it. It then lays all your data out onto a handy chart that makes it easier for you to see exactly which areas need improvement and which ones are healthy. Learn more about the smart body analyzer here.


Lumo Run shorts and capris, incorporate a sensor within the fabric that monitors your activity and provides you with valuable data and pointers on improvement. The data from your run connects to the Lumo Run App and can even give you live coaching tips based on your performance through your headphones. The sensor measures things such as your stride length, steps taken, pelvic rotation, and bounce to name a few. The best part is the sensor also lasts at least one month on a single charge and it is machine washable and waterproof. Learn more on the Lumo Run website here.


We’ve all heard about the benefits of adequate water consumption, well thanks to the Gyenno Cup you’ll now never forget to drink the daily recommended amount. The Gyenno Cup is possibly the smartest water bottle on the market that vibrates every time you need to drink more water and calculates exactly how much water you need daily. In addition to that, the bottle has a screen that indicates the time, date, weather, current temperature of your water, and if your cup needs cleaning or if the liquid inside it is too hot. Learn more about this genius water bottle here.


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