6 New Workouts To Beat Exercise Boredom

6 New Workouts To Beat Exercise Boredom

With New Years Eve a whole two months behind us, it’s normal that your motivation may be starting to dwindle. As you grow accustomed to a routine, the repetition can often become boring resulting in an exercise rut. So if you find yourself stuck and unmotivated, this may be the perfect time to try something new to reinvigorate your routine. Fortunately, there are an array of great workouts that you can try to banish exercise boredom and get you excited to workout once more.  Here are the six new workouts you should try today.


Combination classes, which fuse together two different types of exercise techniques, are a great way to stay challenged and have some fun. More and more boutique studios and big gyms are now offering fusion classes, such as, piloting (pilates and boxing), tread (running and strength training), encore (yoga, cardio and core strengthening). If you get bored of doing the same style of exercise throughout the entire class, a combination class may be just what you’ve been looking for. Type in ‘fusion class’ into google or one of the specific ones mentioned above, to find a location near you.


Boxing and kickboxing have really gained traction among the regular consumer over the last two years. From Victoria’s Secret models to the average person trying to lose weight or maintain their health, this exercise style has a widespread appeal. It’s not surprising why, considering you get an intense but fun workout that builds cardio, muscle strength and burns a lot of calories as you engage your whole body. Try a class at Big Hit Studios, for a kick-ass workout that takes only 45-minutes to complete but gives you lasting results.


Research conducted by the American Council on Exercise discovered that boot camp workouts are one of the most effective and motivating styles of exercises because they are in a group setting. The research revealed that the unity the participants feel during a boot camp, make the workout more fun and exhilarating. Many gyms offer boot camp-style classes and there are more and more personal trainers organizing group sessions all over the city. A quick google search will reveal something in your area. An added bonus is that in the spring and summertime, these boot camps are often conducted outdoors.


If you want something a little slower paced but still challenging and fun, or if you are simply bored of your yoga routine, then this is the class for you. Antigravity yoga is a series of exercises performed in a silk, hammock-like apparatus, which hangs from the ceiling and allows you to perform exercises while suspended  mid-air. The exercises are inspired by yoga, pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics, so you can truly feel like a Cirque Du Soleil performer for the hour. Some of the benefits it offers are, stress-relief, flexibility, a lengthened spine, an increased awareness of your body, and a great core workout. Multiple antigravity yoga classes have cropped up all over the city like, Fly Yoga Studio, which offers aerial yoga classes, as well as reformer pilates.


These ballet-inspired sculpting classes are a fun and effective way to stay in shape and want to come back for more. The barre classes are performed on a ballet barre but incorporate elements of yoga, dance, pilates and functional training. Barre is a full body workout, which provides many benefits such as, increased flexibility, weight loss, toning, and quick results among others. There are barre studios all across Canada so do a quick google search to find one that suits your needs.


A relatively new workout style, which is quickly gaining popularity among consumers. The Orangetheory workout is based on the principle that, once you target your heart rate in a specific manner during a workout, you will continue to burn calories 36-hours post class. The mechanism behind this post-workout burn is called excess-post oxygen consumption, which increases your metabolic rate for the entire 36 hours after the class. During the 60-minute class, you perform multiple intervals that at one point get your heart rate to about 84% of its maximum for 12-20 minutes. There are currently 25 studios catering to Orangetheory training across Canada.



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