The Four Ways That Clothing Affects Your Workout

The Four Ways That Clothing Affects Your Workout

Can your clothing choices really affect your workout? The definitive answer is yes! Over the years, there have been a number of studies conducted to support the claim that there is a correlation between fashion and fitness. The right outfit can not only make you look great and feel comfortable, but it can also affect your mindset- motivating you to work out in the first place. Here are the four ways that the clothing you wear affects your workout:


The better you feel, the more likely you are to perform during a workout and the right clothing can help you achieve that right state of mind. Wearing clothing that fits you well and feels comfortable, gives you that extra bit of motivation that you need when going in for a workout. A positive state of mind is important for achieving the results that you want so why not do everything you can to achieve that? Dress the part and you will notice a difference in your performance. I know I feel a lot more motivated when I’m rocking a new pair of running shoes and some flattering tights. So what better excuse to go shopping than to go buy yourself some new athletic gear that will in turn help you reach your goals quicker!


Wearing the right footwear can have a substantial influence on how effective your workout is. The proper footwear for each individual is contingent upon the type of exercise they’re doing but there are many resources available to you at most athletic stores. Next time you are going shoe shopping don’t just buy a pair that’s cool but rather buy something that supports your specific exercise plan. In order to perform to the best of your ability, you need a pair of shoes that offers the right amount of support and stability.


When it comes to having an effective workout, comfort is key! In order to put 110% into your exercise session, your mind needs to be fully committed to the workout. Unfortunately, this is impossible to achieve if you are wearing something that is even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Wearing uncomfortable clothing can deter you from the results you are seeking by keeping your mind occupied. So next time you’re looking for an outfit, be sure to wear something that isn’t too loose or too tight. Clothing that is too loose could cause irritation and clothing that is too tight can restrict your range of motion.


Different materials have a different affect on your body’s temperature so be sure to choose your clothing material accordingly. For instance, some materials pull sweat away from your body, while others absorb it and others aren’t breathable at all. Wicking material is a great choice for an intense workout, as the wick pulls the sweat away from the body and allows it to evaporate, keeping you from getting too sweaty and uncomfortable. Cotton is a good choice for a moderate workout as it can feel quite light on your body. However, due to it absorbing your sweat, if you get too sweaty, it could potentially weigh you down. Rubber-based and plastic-based materials are the ones that you really want to avoid though, as they keep your sweat from evaporating and could lead to overheating.


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