5 Dietary Tips To Balance Your PH Levels

5 Dietary Tips To Balance Your PH Levels

In order for your body to function at an optimal state, it is important to have a balanced Ph level. This means that the body should be just the right amount alkaline as it should be acidic. While the term acidity may have a bad rep, a certain amount of acid is actually required for your body to digest food properly. Acidity is measured between 0-14 and the ideal PH range for humans is between 7.30-7.45.  It can be measured with Ph testing strips that can be bought at most health food stores. Some symptoms of an unbalanced Ph include bloating, heartburn, insomnia, acne, depression and food allergies to name a few. Follow these five Dietary tips to balance your PH levels

Eat Potassium-Rich Foods

Potassium helps to maintain a balance within your body on a cellular level by maintaining the amount of potassium inside of your cells and sodium outside of them. Potassium also supports your muscular activity to keep your heart and muscles strong. Getting enough potassium will not only keep your PH balanced by acting as a buffer against acidity but it also helps reduce pain in the body and aids your digestive system. Consider incorporating more bananas, lemons, sweet potatoes, yogurt and coconut water in your diet.

Eat Alkaline-Forming Foods

Eating a diet high in alkaline-forming foods can counter some of the effects of eating acidic foods that are typically found in our diets. Things such as milk, eggs, oats, beef, chicken, pasta, bread, rice, peanuts, walnuts, lentils and corn flakes to name a few are acid-forming foods. The good news is if you simultaneously consume food such as avocados, strawberries, almonds and most fruits and vegetables, you will actively balance your PH levels.

Start The Day With Lemon Water

While lemons may be considered acidic, they actually have an alkalizing effect on our bodies. Lemons mixed with warm water can actually help to rid the body of excess acidity thereby creating an alkaline state. Starting your day with a lemon water can flush your body of acidity for a fresh start while revving your metabolism and energizing you. Squeeze half a lemon into a 250ml glass of warm water every morning.

Consume Cream of Tartar With Water

Mixing 1-2 teaspoons of cream of tartar with a full glass of water will have an alkalizing effect on your body. while cream of tartar is considered acidic like lemons, it has the opposite effect on your body. Cream of tartar can also be effective in relieving a headache and reducing the symptoms of nausea.

Take A Digestive Enzyme

Digestive enzymes will not only help improve your gut health but they also help to reduce acidity in your body. Digestive enzymes help to break down food and aid the pancreas if it is not producing enough digestive enzymes naturally. Ask your healthcare provider for the most suitable digestive enzyme for you.

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