6 Healthy Foods That Could Lead To Weight Gain

6 Healthy Foods That Could Lead To Weight Gain

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, moderation and balance are the ultimate keys to success. Yet, with the abundant amount of information available to us online, it can often be difficult to determine exactly what we should be eating and how much of it. For anyone that’s ever done a quick google search or read an article about healthy eating, you know that there are certain foods that are always recommended to us. However, at what point do these recommended “healthy foods“ become unhealthy? Read the list below for your guide to the 6 healthy foods that could lead to weight gain.


Yes fruits are packed to the brim with vitamins and minerals, however they are also chock-full of simple sugars. When eaten in larger quantities, the simple sugars that make up the majority of the calories found in fruit tend to be stored as fat within your body. In addition that, avocado is another fruit you should consume in moderation as it is calorically very dense. Although avocados contain o grams of sugar per one ounce serving, they have a very high fat content. So going forward limit the amount of fruit you consume and steer clear of fruit juices and smoothies as the sugar content can add up really quickly.


Nuts are a great source of protein and energy, however the high-fat content can really contribute a large amount to your daily caloric allowance. A one-ounce serving of nuts contains 135 calories and unless you’re really monitoring how many nuts you are consuming, it’s really easy to overdo it. Different nuts have a different calorie count per serving size so be mindful of which ones you are eating. For instance, twelve cashews have the same amount of calories as 22 almonds. Instead of grabbing nuts from a bowl or a bag, next time portion out exactly how many you should be eating.


Although you already know that consuming too many fruits is bad for you, consuming dried fruit is even worse. Dried fruit are very calorically dense and are definitely not the best snack option on the market. If you are craving some fruit, you are better off indulging in some fresh fruit as you’ll get a much larger portion for the same amount of calories. For instance, two tablespoons of dried cranberries or raisins have the same amount of calories as one cup of fresh raspberries.


We were all overjoyed when we learned about the amazing heart benefits of dark chocolate, yet there is such a thing as consuming too much of it to the point that it’s not longer good for you. Dark chocolate has saturated fat and sugar within it, and the lower the cacao count is, the higher the fat and the sugar count is. Next time you’re grocery shopping, opt to buy a dark chocolate with the highest cacao count and buy a smaller sized bar so you’re not tempted to eat it all.


More and more people are opting for gluten-free versions of their favourite foods like pizza crust, pasta and bread, yet a lot of the time these products contain more calories than the original. Often, the ingredient used to replace the wheat and mimic the taste of it such as, cornstarch and brown rice flour, are more calorically dense than wheat-filled products. Nutritionists suggest seeking out whole foods that are naturally gluten free such as quinoa.


There are all sorts of vitamin enriched waters available to us on the market and although they may look appealing, you’re better off getting your vitamins from natural food sources. Often these vitamin waters are filled with sugar and the vitamins found within them, aren’t as digestible as those found in food. If you’re feeling dehydrated and need a little pick me up, either make or buy yourself a veggie juice that will be low in sugar and high vitamin and minerals and supplement that with good old fashioned water.


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