6 Ways To Prevent Weight Gain During This Holiday Season

6 Ways To Prevent Weight Gain During This Holiday Season

With December upon us, this often means a slew of holiday parties are coming our way filled with unhealthy temptations. From office get-togethers to friend’s Christmas parties, these events normally all lead us to one thing- a lot of food and a lot of alcohol. Sure, New Year’s is fast approaching and you can always get started on your healthy resolutions then. But what if this year, you gave yourself an advantage by putting a stop to the holiday weight gain before it even had the chance to creep up on you? Here are 6 ways to prevent weight gain during this holiday season- because prevention is almost always easier than resolution.


Steering clear of all the goodies at a holiday party may be an unrealistic approach that could lead you to binge eating. So instead of staying away from your favorite guilty pleasures, have a little bit of the food you desire without going overboard. That way you’ll satisfy your craving without having to use food as punishment by denying yourself entirely, which frequently leads to an individual caving and overeating,


Eating before a party and consuming something healthy, ensures that you won’t overindulge once you’re there. Just like you should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach because you could end up buying more than you need, the same goes for parties. Try eating some protein beforehand, which will keep you fuller for longer. Or if you’re going to a party straight from work, grab a handful of nuts. Nuts will keep you fuller for longer as they are filled with lots of good fat and protein, and are a great on-the-go snack.


Finger food and miniature desserts can quickly creep up on you and pack on the pounds if you’re not careful. Determine ahead of time how much you want to eat and you’ll be far more likely to stick to your limit. Keep track of what you consume by being aware every time you take a bite of something new and even hold onto the toothpicks if necessary.


If there is a spread or a buffet-style set up at the party, then take the smallest available plate and only fill it up with one layer of food. That way you can try a little bit of everything and you know exactly how much you’re consuming. This will also greatly help with portion control.


Being without a drink at a party, can sometimes fell like being a fish out of water, so if you feel the need to drink alcohol just stay in control of your consumption. For every glass you drink, follow-up with a glass of water or soda. The drunker you get the more likely you are to throw all your food rules out of the window and overindulge. Not to mention, the calories from the alcohol also have a way of creeping up on us. If you frequently lose track of how many mixed drinks you’ve had, reuse the same glass and put a lime or lemon into it for every time you refill. This little technique will keep you aware of exactly how much you’re consuming.


Not only is bringing a dessert to a party a nice gesture but it will also put you in control of at least one of the sweet options available. Bring some healthy alternatives like gluten-free, sugar-free cookies or even a fruit platter. Fruit platters are both sweet and nutritious so you won’t feel as guilty reaching for it to satiate your sweet tooth.


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