Top 5 Natural Health Trends For 2016

Top 5 Natural Health Trends For 2016

The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) has revealed the top five natural health trends that you need to know about in 2016. As anyone who browses the Internet in search of the healthiest tidbits knows, trends are constantly evolving, making it increasingly difficult to keep up. So in order to keep you in the loop on what you can benefit from this year, the CHFA has done the research for you and comprised a list. Here are the top five natural health trends that could put you on the path to optimal health in 2016.


Sea vegetables contain all of the 56 elements a human needs to achieve an optimal state of health. From calcium, magnesium, potassium, to iodine, iron, zinc and everything in between, sea vegetables will have you covered. Although, widely consumed in Japan for their heath benefits, the Western world is still catching up. Sea vegetables such as kelp, nori, wakame, sea lettuce, to name a few, have the ability to reduce the risk of certain diseases and eliminate toxins from the body by binding to them. Studies suggest they also aid in weight control, digestive health, support thyroid health, regulate the metabolism, increase energy levels and can even reduce the risk of various diseases such as breast cancer. Head to your nearest oriental supermarket such as TNT, or Chinatown for a wider selection of sea vegetables and help on how to consume them.


Although nutritionists and doctors have been recommending a healthy dose of fibre in our diets for years, in 2016 a high-fibre diet will replace a high-protein diet in popularity. Along with maintaining digestive and intestinal health, studies are now showing that fibre can potentially help with weight control more effectively than a restrictive diet plan. A diet high in fibre also has heart health benefits and has the power to lower your cholesterol levels. Looks like 2016 is the time to load up on your vegetables, fruit, oats and beans.


Hemp is already a widely-popular product used for everything from daily consumption to making clothing, but this year it is projected to become an even bigger trend among health conscious individuals. When consumed, hemp is recognized for supporting weight loss, increasing energy, aiding recovery from injury and disease, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, improving circulation and immune system, and for its ability to control one’s blood sugar levels. It also acts as a great protein alternative for people with nut allergies, and provides consumers with an ideal omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. Head to your nearest health food store for more information on how to introduce hemp into your diet.


In 2016 more and more people will be turning to healthier alternatives to replace their favorite junk foods. Instead of snacking on potato chips, individuals will be more likely to pick up chips made from beans, lentils and root vegetables. In addition, consumers will be turning to healthier options to satisfy their sweet tooth such as with dark cocoa, vitamin infused gummies and lollipops made from natural fruit juice.


Although both vitamin C and D have been hailed in the media for their many benefits, this year there will be a significant increase in their consumption- both internally and externally. Creams containing vitamin C in particular, will grow in popularity as they help protect skin from the harsh outdoor elements and boost the production of collagen for a more youthful appearance. Health providers will also encourage the consumption of Vitamin C and D through supplements and from plant-based sources, such as Brussel sprouts for vitamin C and mushrooms for vitamin D.



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