4 Healthy, Holistic Nutrition Tips From Big Hit Coach Karina

At Big Hit Studios we prides ourselves on all of our trainers and their diversity! Each and every single coach has a unique approach to health and fitness and a ton of information that they’ve acquired through their years in the industry. So today we’ve asked coach Karina to share some of her nutrition tips with us.

With a keen interest in nourishing herself from the inside-out, Karina is our go-to-girl for all things nutrition. In particular, Karina enjoys learning about holistic nutrition and how she can keep herself healthy the natural way. So here are four nutrition tips from Karina and one of her favourite, easy-to-follow recipes.

6 Tips To Prevent Kickboxing Injuries

While kickboxing is a great way to get your sweat on and stay in shape, it’s important to take the time to learn proper technique. Yes, even if that means sacrificing the pace of your workout until you can properly perform all of the movements.  As anyone who has experienced an injury firsthand will tell you, it’s far better to slow down during a few sessions than to risk an injury and be out of the gym entirely. So whether you’re new to kickboxing or need a refresher, here are six tips that will help you to avoid injury during a session.

5 Canadian Fitness Apparel Companies We’re Loving Right Now

Here at Big Hit Studios we’re all about supporting homegrown talent and brands. And when it comes to fitness apparel, it’s no different. When in search for the perfect pair of workout pants, tops, sports bras etc, we frequently turn to Canadian brands and local favourites. With the apparel market being oversaturated though, it can be difficult to determine where to shop. If you need a helping hand in finding your next kickboxing outfit, look no further than the five Canadian fitness apparel companies we’re loving right now!

Our 5 Fave Healthy Places Near Big Hit’s Toronto Studio

As amazing as a workout at Big Hit Studios is for your body, it’s important to complement your training with healthy eats too! Of course, it would be great to have the time to whip up a healthy meal right after a class, but we all know that isn’t always realistic. For a healthy meal on the go, look no further than Big Hit’s West Queen West neighbourhood. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or you prefer your protein Paleo style, these five favourites have you covered.

Preparing For Early Morning Classes: 5 Tips From Big Hit Trainer Irina

Every coach at the Big Hit Kickboxing Studios has a vast bank of knowledge that is unique to their experience as a trainer. For Toronto coach Irina, rocking mornings is just one of her specialties.

After more than ten years working as a personal trainer, group fitness coach and massage therapist, coach Irina has amassed a number of early morning tips that she loves to share with her clients. Starting most days at 5 AM herself, Irina has had plenty of experience with combatting those early morning workouts and getting the most out of them. So the next time you sign up for an early session, use these five handy tips from Irina to help you excel.

Three Steps To Buying The Right Pair Of Kickboxing Gloves

Selecting the right pair of kickboxing gloves for your body, could mean the difference between a good workout and a great one. Yet, when you go to the store to purchase some, there often isn’t enough information available to help you make the right choice. So before you select your next pair of gloves, here are the three steps that you need to consider for the best possible purchase.

The Best 9 Shoes To Wear For Kickboxing

In order to maximize the benefits of every workout, it is important to understand what kind of footwear you should be wearing for the exercise that you are doing. For instance, the best shoes that you could possibly wear for golfing will vary greatly from the best shoes that you could wear for running. So if you want to enhance your kickboxing workout and get the most out of it, it’s worth the investment to buy shoes that complement your workout and not hinder it. Here are the top nine shoes on the market today to boost your kickboxing workout.

6 New Workouts To Beat Exercise Boredom

With New Years Eve a whole two months behind us, it’s normal that your motivation may be starting to dwindle. As you grow accustomed to a routine, the repetition can often become boring resulting in an exercise rut. So if you find yourself stuck and unmotivated, this may be the perfect time to try something new to reinvigorate your routine. Fortunately, there are an array of great workouts that you can try to banish exercise boredom and get you excited to workout once more.  Here are the six new workouts you should try today.