10 Big Hit Members To Follow On Instagram For Some Motivation

10 Big Hit Members To Follow On Instagram For Some Motivation

At the core of the success of Big Hit Kickboxing Studios are our kick-ass members! Each and every week they show up to class and work hard to achieve their goals one sweaty session at a time. Our members not only inspire one another but they also encourage the trainers to continuously provide a new and challenging workout. So if you need a little extra motivation to get to the gym today then check out these ten members on Instagram! To be featured on our blog next month, please tag @bighitstudios on your studio posts.

1. @amandarachlee

Amanda Lee

“@jaclynforbes and I are kicking off the new year (literally) at @bighitstudios. By the end of the year, we’re gonna abe kickboxing masters.”

2. @tanya_kim1

Tanya Kim

“I decided it was time for me to incorporate a different type of workout to my fitness routine. Not only to keep things exciting and fun but also to challenge my muscles, body, and mind! It’s a great idea to shake up your routine if you hope to see results and want to remain present and engaged in your fitness regimen. SO… here I am, @bighitstudios! How will YOU shake things up?”

3. @kirstenvictoriamackay

Kirsten Victoria Mackay

“@bighitstudios our work together is fairly new, but it’s massively changed my body. Thanks for introducing me to my favorite sport, hiring great teachers, and being open every single day…”

4. @kels1716

Instagram Big Hit

“This is why you try new things. Absolutely loved kickboxing, it was so much fun!!!”

5. @evecchioyoga

Instagram Big Hit

“STRENGTH:: There will always be a struggle somewhere along the path. Know that hard work, communication and dedication are part of the story. Wear battle scars proudly. Turn fears and negativity into all the motivation you need to never fail and always keep going in life! Sweat session courtesy of @classpass @bighitstudios”

6. @themacwhite

Instagram Big Hit

“Always good to be back with my main man Bob @bighitstudios.”

7. @randomactsofpastel

Instagram Big Hit

“I’ve been getting anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember, but the last couple months it’s been kicking my butt like never before. Last week I hit a new low, and I’ve decided to really take control and focus on making big life changes to get a hold on my mental health. I’ll be sharing more about my “get happy” plan on the blog when I feel ready, but for now, I’ll say this- there are no words for how much better beating the crap out of a dummy at @bighitstudios makes me feel.”

8. @vickiehiltz.rd

Instagram Big Hit

“NO EXCUSES PEOPLE! ¬†Jola came between surgeries and killed it!”

9. @goodnightmere

Instagram Big Hit

“You wish you could hit like a girl.”

10. @konutritionwellness

Instagram Big Hit

“Many people find themselves feeling anxious and ungrounded during the fall and winter. Add the stress of the holiday season, and you have a recipe for colds, flu and more. Group fitness classes help me to stay grounded, motivated and happy during this season. I particularly love getting all my energy out on Bob. Luckily he doesn’t mind.”

K.T. Edwards

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