The Best 9 Shoes To Wear For Kickboxing

The Best 9 Shoes To Wear For Kickboxing

In order to maximize the benefits of every workout, it is important to understand what kind of footwear you should be wearing for the exercise that you are doing. For instance, the best shoes that you could possibly wear for golfing will vary greatly from the best shoes that you could wear for running. So if you want to enhance your kickboxing workout and get the most out of it, it’s worth the investment to buy shoes that complement your workout and not hinder it. Here are the top nine shoes on the market today to boost your kickboxing workout.


The Nike Free 5.0 V6 is available to both men and women, and was designed to mimic the feeling of being barefoot. The shoe is a perfect fit for kickboxing, as it is ultralight, flexible and results in increased agility as it allows your foot to move naturally while still offering support. This shoe currently retails for $190 CAD and you can even customize your design if you order them online.


Reebok’s latest Nano shoe is made from a virtually indestructible material and is one of the lightest, strongest, and most innovative crossfit shoes to date. The shoe is made from Kevlar®, commonly used in the making of tires and helmets, and is designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The midsole of the shoe has also been created to fit more precisely on your foot and offer great support during heavy lifting. In addition, the 3MM drop platform offers improved stability for better balance during kicks, and raised outsole lug patterns for better traction. This shoe currently retails for $165 CAD.


One of the latest Puma additions, this shoe is specifically designed for cross-training individuals and for people who do high intensity workouts such as, kickboxing.  In particular, the design of the shoe maximizes ones energy and movement during a high-intensity workout making it a welcome addition to anyone’s routine. The shoe is also built with an array of performance enhancing features such as, full-length foam midsole for optimal responsiveness, flex grooves for fast and multi-directional movements, and a heel thickness, which supports side to side movements. This shoe currently retails for $119.99 CAD.


There is nothing quite like this New Balance shoe, which cushions your feet the duration of an intense workout. The shoe is made with a CUSH+ midsole that supports the foot and offers a comfortable experience while wearing them. A lightweight FantomTape overlays the shoe, which offers extra support for lateral movement. It is also easier to slide your foot into this shoe, thanks to a unique tongue wrap. This shoe currently retails for $99.99 CAD. 


This innovative addition to the Adidas line, provides individuals with a snug fit, which is essential for a high intensity workout. The shoe is created with a stretchy, breathable mesh material on the top and with a comfort collar and a tight lace-up closure that results in a perfect fit. The grooves on the outsole of the shoe, allow for flexibility in motion and imitate the natural movement of a barefoot. This shoes currently retails for $66 CAD. 


One of the most versatile shoes in the performance training category, this shoe offers superior grip and flexibility, which is ideal for a high intensity workout and explosive movements. The lightweight shoe allows you to move extra-fast and is created with a fast-drying mesh material for breathability, and a contoured padded tongue for ultimate comfort and support. This shoe currently retails for $109 CAD.


The second GEL-fit release from Asics, provides individuals with even more lightweight flexibility, support and responsive action.  The shoe features a Mono-Sock® tongue and a Flexible Fit System, that offer tension and support from your heel to your toes. The Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System also provides wearers with the ultimate shock absorption, which is great for the explosive jumps you frequently do in a kickboxing class. The shoe currently retails for $109.99 CAD.


This Under Armour design, provides wearers with the ultimate multi-directional training shoe that conforms to the foot and offers cushioned landings thanks to the Micro G® foam within the shoe. It also features an adjustable heel lock-down strap, a padded tongue and collar, and breathable mesh overlays for a comfortable feeling when working out. This shoe currently retails for $99.99.


Another customizable shoe from Nike that offers stability but allows you to design it yourself. This training shoe is designed with support and comfort in mind, and allows users to get the most out of high intensity training with the support that it offers. This shoe is the most expensive on the list and currently retails for $230 CAD.


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